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Kitty Cornered Cover
Kitty Cornered
How Frannie and Five Other Incorrigible Cats Seized Control of
Our House and Made
It Their Home

Enslaved by Ducks Cover
by Ducks

How One Man
Went from Head
of the Household
to Bottom of the
Pecking Order

Fowl Weather Cover
Fowl Weather
How Thirty-Nine Animals and a
Sock Monkey
Took Over My Life

Kitty Cornered by Book Clubs

It's a mystery to us why the esteened Mystery Guild Book Club has chosen Kitty Cornered as a alternate selection for its members. But we think it would be criminal if the book didn't find a new corpus of readers and make a killing for Bob. Although the regular book store version of Kitty Cornered is available in paperback only, Mystery Guild has printed a special hardcover version for club members. So stop hanging around here, shoot over the Mystery Guild website, enroll, and bag a copy.

Mystery Guild Book Club

See that little rectangular 'bite' out of the Mystery Guild banner? If it makes you think of eating, you're not alone. The Good Cook Book Club demonstrates exquisite taste by serving up Kitty Cornered as a menu choice for its members. Once again, it's offered as a dessert-quality hardcover edition with hints of catnip and a braised kibble dipping sauce.

The Good Cook Book Club


But back to the discussion of that little rectangular window in The Good Book Club banner. Wouldn't it look fabulous framed by just the right pair of curtains? Homestyle Books is the book club that offers members a wide selection of interior design books, home improvement books, gardening books, and a special hardcover copy of Kitty Cornered, of course.

Homestyle Book Club

When you join any of the above book clubs, or the fabulous Crafter's Choice Book Club, just click inside the "What are you searching for?" window and type the magic words, Kitty Cornered. Order your special hardcover copy, and after you've put in a full day of crocheting bead jewelry, read about Bob's crotchety cats.

Crafters Choice Book Club Logo

If your very own
Local Book Club is interested in reading one of Bob's books, he might be able to join you as a phone guest. Here's where to find more information plus discussion questions.

Kitty Cornered
Enslaved by Ducks
Fowl Weather