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Kitty Cornered Cover
Kitty Cornered
How Frannie and Five Other Incorrigible Cats Seized Control of
Our House and Made
It Their Home

Enslaved by Ducks Cover
by Ducks

How One Man
Went from Head
of the Household
to Bottom of the
Pecking Order

Fowl Weather Cover
Fowl Weather
How Thirty-Nine Animals and a
Sock Monkey
Took Over My Life

Waddle You Know?

In August 2012, Bob’s publisher decided to temporarily price the Kindle version of Enslaved by Ducks at about the same level as a low-grade cup of coffee. It was a way of further tomenting all of the folks who had made it through this miserably hot summer.

Sure enough, the heat had not been kind to the rational mind. Because by mid-August, the bargain-priced Enslaved by Ducks not only vaulted into the ”Top 100 Paid“ Kindle Best Sellers list – but it also became the number one best selling pet book on all of Amazon. But don't worry. It will never happen again.

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