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How One Man
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Fowl Weather
How Thirty-Nine Animals and a
Sock Monkey
Took Over My Life

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Kitty Cornered
How Frannie
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My House and Made
It Their Home

What Were You Thinking?

Dream or nightmare? You decide. Because now you can hear Bob Tarte in his 30-minute podcast for PetLifeRadio.com called What Were You Thinking? Listen as Bob attempts to podcast from his dining room against the chatter of parakeets, hoots from doves Howard and Otis, and occasional whistles and words from his African grey parrots Dusty and Bella.

Joining Bob on the show is his wife Linda, and she is a natural in front of the microphone, providing much of the humor and enthusiasm plus the kind of insightful comments that would never occur to Bob.

You Could Be My Next Guest

The show is ostensibly about exotic pets, which doesn't mean Komodo dragons and Himalayan Snow Leopards. It's veterinarian jargon that actually means any critter other than a dog or cat. Other episodes are about Bob and Linda's life with their assorted animals – or Book Character Bill Holm might join Bob as the two set out on yet another birding quest, many of them absolutely futile.

If you've got interesting stories about your parrot, rabbit, turtle, spider, chinchilla, lizard, snake, or squid... or if you're involved in pet or wildlife rescue, you might be the next guest on What Were You Thinking? Just email Bob at the address at the bottom of the page.

Spread the Word About the Show

Please spread the word about the show. Reviewing the show on iTunes is a HUGE help, and so is giving the show a DIGG. The more popular the show becomes, the bigger a star you'll be when you appear on the program to talk about your pets.

What Were You Thinking? can be listened to via streaming audio, RSS, and iTunes, or as a download.

If you enjoy What Were You Thinking?, you'll also love the other shows about pets on PetLifeRadio.com. Check them out!

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Linda TarteLinda Tarte cohosts What Were You Thinking? with Bob when she isn't busy cohosting Bob's life.