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"Brims with Tarte's discerning observations… and it doesn’t hurt that he also happens to be laugh-out-loud funny."
Dr. Nick Trout
Author of Ever By My Side

"Bob Tarte is the kind of writer who makes you wish that he lived right next-door. He invites you into his home and shares the comical ups and downs of what happens when he and his wife invite a stray cat with an outsized personality into a house already brimming with animals.

"Not just for cat-lovers, this book is for anyone who has ever fallen in love with an unlikely animal, for anyone who can't look the other way when an animal is in need.  Kitty Cornered is laugh out loud funny, but it's also profound.  The six cats that rule the Tarte household are brought vividly to life, and with their inscrutable cat wisdom, they point the way toward living a deeply fulfilled life."
Elizabeth Letts
Author of The Eighty-Dollar Champion

"Anyone who lives a life of total servitude to their pet (and let's face it, who doesn't?) will see themselves in these pages. Bob Tarte's storytelling skills are as big as his love for animals,  surpassed, presumably, only by his vet bills. Kitty Cornered is raucous and witty and as heartwarming as a basket of kittens.   I'm a bone-i-fied dog lover, but this book settles it:  I'm getting a cat, or six.   If it's true that cats have nine lives, I'm ready to pre-order the sequels right now.   I loved this very funny book!"
Dan Dye
Author of Amazing Gracie
Founder of Three Dog Bakery chain

"Hilarious.  Full of Bob’s trademark wry humor and close observation of wildlife inside and outside our homes.  A love letter to the maddening felines who con and enslave us all."
Carolyn Jourdan
Author of Heart in the Right Place

"Be forewarned: if you don’t already love those of the feline persuasion, prepare for a conversion experience. Even when they’re being naughty, haughty or downright dangerous, you can’t help but fall for Bob Tarte’s unforgettable, idiosyncratic cats—and everyone else in this quirky, loving, mixed-species family, who will keep you laughing page after hilarious page.

But please note: this author is more than a gifted humorist; he’s also an exceptionally keen observer of animals. These funny, moving and heartwarming stories reveal a fresh and startling view of the extraordinary graces, blessings and mysteries of cats."
Sy Montgomery
Author of The Good Good Pig

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