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"Journalist Tarte (Enslaved by Ducks) and his wife, Linda, already live with a menagerie of cats, rabbits, and birds. When new cat Frannie – a 'wild child from the woods – arrives, things are taken to a 'whole new level of catdom...' The narrator is chatty and affable, up early in the morning to chop fruit for the birds, attentively holding one cat’s water bowl 'like a sommelier with a dish for her to sample.'”
Publisher's Weekly

"If you're a pet lover, don't miss Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte… Tarte is also the author of the hilarious Enslaved by Ducks, and his story of surviving in a household run by a half-dozen demanding felines is another laugh-out-loud tale. While I'm a dog person at heart, I've owned cats (I should say, I've been owned by cats), and I enjoy them. You'll enjoy Tarte's adventures with his complicated, diva-kitties".
Lynn Coulter,

Kitty Cornered

Frannie in Sunlight

Frannie enjoys the afternoon sun in our living room.