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Cats of Characters

Agnes: Our original cat who wonders where all of the others came from (aka Aggly-wag)

Frannie: Nervous white-and-black stray who insists on being petted while she eats (aka Alfalfa Girl, Ferret Face, Francine, The Little Kitty, Miss Pinkie-Winkie Nose, Sunday School Girl, Feline Trotsky)

Lucy: Snapping crocodile disguised as a ‘diluted tabby’ with a disdain for litter box geometry (aka Fatsy Pats, Lucy Caboosey)

Maynard: Portly tabby on a nonstop wailing expedition (came to us as Mabel) (aka Mr. Cuddle-Wuddle, Rand McNally, Harold the Barrel, Face)

Moobie: Aging snow-white cat who sleeps more than Snow White (came to us as Moonbeam) (aka ‘I Want,’ Conehead)

Tina: Thorn in Frannie’s side with a periscope tail (aka Teena-Weena, Periscope Girl, Tina Louise, Sis, Lump-a-Bump, Puppet Mouth)

Three Cats on the Bed

Lucy jabs Maynard as Frannie pretends not to notice.

Kitty Cornered

Floor Plan of a House Overrun by Cats

How do two people share a small house with six cats that stake out territory in every room? Click on the Floor Plan to find out what Bob and Linda's lives are like!

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