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If by some bizarre twist of fate, your book club is reading Kitty Cornered, Bob thanks you. In fact, if you've got a speaker phone – and especially if you live in the eastern half of the USA – Bob would be pleased to be a phone guest at your meeting. Drop him an email at the address at the bottom of this column to arrange it.

Even if you're smart enough to go it alone without Bob sticking his nose into your meeting, you still might like a few questions about Kitty Cornered to bat around with your book club members like a cat with a mousie toy. So chew on these.

How would you descrbe Bob and Linda's marriage?

What factors motivated them to take in six cats?

How many cats are too many cats?

Does Bob actually learn anything from his cats, or does he simply claim to?

Who are the smartest members of the Tarte household – the cats? the people? the parrots?

Why do people often feel closest to their animals when their pets are ill or injured?

What benefits do pets bring to our lives?

We won't even get into that 'cats versus dogs' thing, will we?


Email Bob at

email address

Kitty Cornered

Heart in the Right Place

Thanks to
Carolyn Jourdan, author of the hilarious book Heart in the Right Place, for the photo of her cat Herriot and Bob's book.