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Floor Plan of a House Overrun by Cats

Floor Plan of Bob's House

A. Inconveniently placed litter box
B. Confusing ‘closed-when-open’ basement door
C. Daily attempts on Bob’s life by Agnes
D. Decisive battle site in the War Between the Cats
E. Dining room chair commandeered by Lucy
F. Frannie’s cardboard carton
G. Snoozing spot more comfy than Bob’s shin
H. The funnel of happiness (location approximate only)
I. Carrots ‘too old for rabbits’ cooked by Linda for Bob
J. Time-out for Mr. Cuddle-Wuddle
K. Shredded wallpaper
L. Sensibly placed litter box spurned by Lucy
M. Tina’s under-table birdwatching spot



Kitty Cornered

Moobie Bathroom Sink

Moobie drinks water from a bowl on the bathroom sink, as demanded.